Art Materials & Application

What to buy, when to buy, where to use
Date: to be announced
Time: 3.30 - 5.30 PM
Mode: Online (Google Meet)
Topics we'll cover
Sketch Materials
Watercolor materials
Acrylic materials
Oil painting materials
Charcoal, pastels, chalk etc.
Branded vs cheap
Papers, cloth texture
Surface preparation
Binders, brushes & erasers
About the Session

This is a training session on various art materials used in different art and craft media used since prehistoric times to the modern and contemporary art. How to get cheap and best deals, how to purchase smartly in this expensive art supply market.

No Requirement.
Whom & How it'll help
All art enthusiasts and hobbyist
Professional artists and aspirants
Those who are tight on budget
Long life vs short life of painting
Use of brushes efficiently
Keeping paint fresh
Painting in layers
Our Vision

" Education is our RIGHT! Not a luxury. "

Inspired from the beautiful ‘Guru Dakshina’ model of school, ours is an art school , Writart Gurukul where you can pay whatever you want and learn in depth practically applicable art skills which are used in the actual art production industry.

The trainer is a full time artist working on several Hollywood animation projects and global indie animation, film-making projects. More about the Trainer here.

Your Guru Dakshina is used in purchasing website hosting, domain, google meet plan, books and other learning tools so that our this learning community keeps improving. More about Our Dakshina model here.

Let’s Learn together!