Competition Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • All the photos submitted are just for the competition. All the copyrights lie safe with the creators. Writart will not use them for any commercial exploitation.
  • “Public Choice Selection” will be based on the total number of reactions on the artwork posted by WritArt on the its official page. You can share to get likes but the likes on the shared post on your walls will not count. Ask the supporters to first click the shared picture and then add reaction (like or other). This way you will get likes on the original post by the WritArt page.
  • No one else than the artist himself/herself is allowed to participate and submit others’ paintings. (in case of minors or anyone not able to participate somebody on the behalf of the participant can submit. But the name of the original artist should be written in the “Name” section of the submission form.) If this term is violated then the submission will be rejected without any refund.
  • No offensive, abusive, outrageous, humiliating or controversial submission is allowed. If you are confused whether your artwork falls under this category, you can contact us and clear.
  • A maximum of only one prize per participant will be awarded and that will be the best one of his total places won. Let’s understand it with example: A participant A submitted 5 artworks and his 2 paintings won 1st and 3rd place. In such case A will be chosen for maximum one place which his best one. That means He will be given the 1st prize only.
  • 10 artworks are the maximum limit per participant.
  • No submission will be accepted without fee payment. In case of wrong transaction ID you will be contacted at the email you provided in form and an effort will be made to resolve the issue.
  • All the decisions made by the honorable jury members will be the final decisions and no claim will be entertained thereafter.
  • Writart takes responsibility of any copyright infringement from our side but Writart will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement by the participants.

    You must agree to all the above “terms and conditions” to participate in the

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