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'Art Mentor'

There are passionate art learners who can’t afford art mentorship. We provide them all the guidance through our art magaine ‘Art Mentor’ completely free of cost.

Art Magazine -The 'Art Mentor'

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the release of WritArtTM – an art magazine. With this initiative, we bring to you a platform for budding Art learners. The magazine aims to play a vital role in shaping the future of people who have a passion for art. Apart from that, the magazine will also feature the works of successful artists through stories and picture galleries.

Art is growing by leaps and bounds, all over the world. Every day, thousands of students, choose to pursue a career in Art. It is then they face a common dilemma, as to which school to join or which course to take. Most of these aspirants have already made a lot of sacrifices and put in tremendous effort to acquire their set of skills. As a result, they are apprehensive of the gap that exists between acquiring artistic skills and successfully making a career out of it. This magazine will help bridge that gap.

WritArtTM will organise competitions on a regular basis and the magazine will feature the winners along with their works. Some of the things that we would be covering are –

  1. Rights of a creator
  2. Interesting and inspiring stories related to famous artists.
  3. General market awareness (exploitation in art world)
  4. Successful artist interviews
  5. Art history (western and eastern as well as Indian art)
  6. Myth busters
  7. Scopes of art
  8. DIY section (craft and waste material reuse – simple homemade craft Ideas)
  9. The art competition (Colours of Rebellion) winner’s feature
  10. Theme based writing contest entries (related to art and craft)
  11. Articles on discussion and opinion by leading creators.

As previously mentioned, the aim of this magazine is to fulfil the requirements of learners who have a passion for art and require help and guidance. Therefore, we take a pledge to bring you all the issues of this magazine completely free of cost. (The digital version will not need any payment from your side and for the softcopy – printed on paper issues a minimum print + shipping cost will be charged). This is a tough commitment to make as both time and money would be invested in order to carry out this venture. That is why we will be collecting donations for the same, whatever your wallet allows. Every penny matters when it comes to lighting a path for resource-less gems. The hopeful passionate eyes across the world will thank you when they see your name in the donors-list.

Wishing you well,

Shwetabh Suman

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