Photo Upload Guidelines

Please follow the following photo upload guidelines to make sure your submission is approved without any problem.

Photo upload guidelines

  • All the artwork photographs you upload should be clear and taken in good light (neither too high nor too low.)
  • There should not be shine anywhere on the photograph. To make sure of this, never take photo with direct light hitting the artwork. Take the photograph with indirect light falling on the artwork to avoid strong shines.
  • Place your camera right in front facing the artwork so that any distortion can be avoided.
  • Well cropped photographs add presentation and beauty to your work which definitely pleases the jury panel.
  • No filter and editing (other than cropping) of the photo is allowed.
  • Digital artwork should be completely hand drawn (using digital pen and tablet or stylus) and no ready-made photograph or other elements should be added to the work. (Though in some cases jury may approve them if adding such elements seem integral part of the artwork and there is no smell of cheating intent in the application as determined by the jury.)
  • Photos should not exceed 2 MB in size. (If your image file is larger than 2 MB then go to the online photo compressor and compress them before submission)
  • Any confusion or question? we are always available to guide you.

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