Drawing & Shading II

6 students

What all You will learn

Light & Shadow

Light-shadow relation, Filling light in the paintings. Shadow and its kinds. Shadow and its simplification. value (tone/shade). the shading process. Holding pencil, sharpening pencils and hand movements. Pressure and layering. Various methods of shading. Blending. Background shading. Adding 3D feel to artworks. Texture. Light types- split, rembrandt, loop, butterfly, broad and short light; low key and high key lighting.etc.

Art Awareness

Introduction to the history and development of art; about artworks of the famous artists; Art market awareness; Intellectual Property rights (copyright) awareness. Inspirations.

Tips & Master Tricks

Beating the left brain and drawing with the right brain. Finding out  and correcting mistakes by some professional artistic tricks. Seeing like an artist. Mastering positive and negative spaces. value perspective. Texture perspective; basic composition etc.

Methods of Pen Drawing

Line, properties, nature and philosophy of line. expressing through lines. Hatching; cross-hatching; stippling; doodling; scribbling; contour hatch etc.

Pastel Drawing

working with the colorful yet a drawing medium- soft pastels.


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