Colour Theory & Mixing

15 students

What all you will learn

        • Colour mixing and matching in almost all mediums- watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastels, coloured pencils, gouache etc.
        • Hue
        • Temperature
        • Saturation
        • Value
        • the color palette combinations
        • Introduction to common painting media like watercolor, oil, acrylic, soft pastels, gouache, poster color, fabric color etc.
        • Reading the paint tubes to know the properties of paints and decide what you should buy and where to use.
        • Color Theory
        • Color Psychology
        • Color Perspective – creating depth in paintings
        • Plein Air Technique- landscape and other environmental painting color usage.
        • Colors for Background, midground and foreground.
        • Study on ancient and contemporary paintings focused at color application knowledge.
        • Creating moods using paintings

        Basic Art Materials required List


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