No. All the charges will be as above. In case you ask for some extra service like rendering in high quality then the above mentioned extra charge will be added to the plan price and you’ll be provided a final quotation. The quotation will have the total work and total amount on it.

Yes. Along with animation we also add audio track, subtitles, credits and do all the compositing and editing needed. No need to spend any extra penny on these post production services. You get the video and just upload where you want and enjoy!

As we provide animation for the songs with light effects, changing illustrations, movements and vfx the video is already sufficiently engaging. if we add complex texts (captions and credits) to it it will be overcrowded and irritating. So we kept these two simple for the sake of visual beauty. But if you need some complex captions or credits you can always add this extra service to the plan.

Frame-by-frame animation is the superior animation technique used by giants like Disney where we animate by drawing on each frame. That means for 1 second of animation we need to draw from 12 to 24 drawings. Best results have their own cost too .. It takes lots of expertise, labor and time and so it is a little expensive than other animation forms.

‘Render’ is an industry term which in simple words can be put as ‘ Taking the animation along with all the effects out of the animation software in video format’. Thus it is nothing special. Render quality implies to the final video quality which can be 720p, 1080p, 2k or 4k etc.

First we provide some rough plan sketches giving you the idea of how the final illustration will come across. We develop the plans you choose among those into final illustrations to be used in the animation.

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